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How To Use Vamos

1 Download the App

Download the free Vamos Mobility app on your smartphone.

Download on the App Store
Download from Google Play

2 Register Your Email

Open the app and sign up by entering your email address. We will email you a link to verify your account. Just click the link to activate the application.

3 Plan your trip

Departure Time?
When do you want to depart or arrive?

Let the app use your current location or tell it where you will be starting from.

Where to?
Tell the app where you want to go.

Click Search and your transit options will appear.

4 Select Your Mode

Vamos will show you all your public transit options including trains, fixed-route buses and demand-response services

Soon it will also offer MioCar carshare and bikeshare options.

Click on an option to see a detailed transit trip plan or instructions for making a demand-response reservation or using car- or bikeshare.

5 Pay Your Fare

EZHub, the regional fare payment platform, is built right into Vamos.

When you select your trip, Vamos will show you the fare and offer the option to pay within the app.

To pay your fare, you will need to enter a credit card, debit card or use Google Pay or Apple Pay.

Can also go directly to the EZHub link on the home screen to purchase a variety of tickets and passes for any of the transit systems in San Joaquin and Stanislaus Counties.

6 Ride them all

Before you board, go to the Active tickets tab under EZHub and activate your ticket. Show the transit operator your active ticket. Now you’re good to go.

Download on the App Store
Download from Google Play