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Uber in Vamos

Dear Vamos Users, 

Exciting news! As of April 2024, you can book Uber rides directly from the Vamos Mobility app. Download or update the Vamos Mobility App to get started. 

Become eligible for the Uber option by purchasing $5 in transit fare passes. Earn a $5 Uber credit when you purchase $5 in transit fare passes. Each $5 credit will be applied toward your next Uber trip and will expire within 30 days. Please note that only one Uber credit will be issued per week.  

Read the Terms and Conditions for full program information. 

Here’s how to book an Uber trip (once you’ve met the requirement): 

  1. Open the Vamos app (register if you aren’t already registered). 
  2. Enter your origin and destination. 
  3. Click search. 
  4. Click the Uber option (this option would only populate if you purchased $5 or more in transit fare passes. 

If you have any questions or come across any technical issues on the Vamos app, please reach out to [email protected]. Thank you for choosing Vamos for your transportation needs. 

Happy travels! 

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